Candidasa Bali

Candidasa Bali

Things to do - general

Candidasa Bali is often regarded as the island’s ‘retreat in the east’, and is meant for those who opt for a more serene scene of Bali and which can also serve as the perfect hub from where to discover from verdant hillsides and rice terraces upland, to world-class diving spots surrounding the coastline; cultural highlights also dot the area where ancient Balinese traditions are alive at two original Balinese villages accessible from the area.

Trips can be easily arranged to suit your kind of activity and taste for adventure. Also, the area and its environs boast a variety of different sights to see.

Country Indonesia
Visa requirementsVOA (Visa On Arrival)
Languages spokenBalinesse, Bahasa Indonesia, English
Currency usedIDR (Rupiah)

Sports & nature

Goa Lawah (Bat Cave)
Goa Lawah is an ancient temple built in front of a bat cave filled with thousands of flying fruit-eating mammals. The bats, not the temple, are the main draw – the bats are venerated by visiting worshippers, who buy offerings from nearby vendors. According to legend, the cave extends over 19 miles underground to emerge at Pura Besakih.
Balinese Hindus hold Goa Lawah in great regard where the afterlife is concerned. Worshippers stop at Goa Lawah to complete the Nyegara Gunung ceremony, a part of the Balinese funeral process: at Goa Lawah, offerings can be made to purify the newly-released spirit, so it can come home to the family’s household shrine.

Apnea Free Diving
The shores of Amed in East Bali now host free-diving lessons, with Apneista being one of the first schools in Bali specialising in free-diving and yoga education.
Yoga and free-diving are both life-enriching and accessible to all. Courses are provided through a curriculum similar to that offered at Apnea Total in Thailand.

The free-diving school is based in the small village of Jemeluk in Amed, East Bali. It is an approximate 12 kilometers up north from the favorite dive site of Tulamben.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

There are not as many clubs or bars in Candidasa compared to other main tourist crowds of the southern parts of the island. This small village in eastern Bali is more of the peaceful retreat for travellers searching for a magnificent ocean view with hills and rice fields creating a graceful green backdrop.
However, there are several spots that serve those looking for nightlife nuance, but in a laid-back style. On the cultural side, you can also enjoy scheduled traditional Balinese dance performances at several venues.

Candi Agung 2
Candi Agung Bar & Restaurant on the Candidasa main road in East Bali features the Balinese Legong dance performances every evening, adding some cultural sights and sounds to the region's 'nightlife' scene.
Location: Jalan Raya Candidasa, East Bali

Friends Bar & Restaurant serves up to its name, as a place to hang out and make new friends with the friendly staff and fellow visitors from all over the world who just happen to be in this eastern part of the island. Friends' bar is open for Candidasa night owls until late, where its bartenders prepare tasty fruit juices, serve the coolest drinks and can advise you about the different choices on their menu. Live music plays from a dedicated corner, where guests are welcome to grab the mic and singalong to their favourite requests.

Opening Hours: 11:00 until late
Location: Jalan Raya Candidasa, East Bali
Iguana Café
Iguana Cafe is a youthful nightspot located right on the main road of Candidasa, where good food and drinks is best enjoyed with a couple of friends. Most evenings feature a local live band playing various tunes and getting the mood going.
Location: Jalan Raya Candidasa, East Bali

Mr. Grumpy's Cafe & Sportsbar
Mr. Grumpy's provides East Bali retreat guests and sports fans a place to enjoy sports feeds with large screen TVs with good company. Regular pool competitions and pub quizzes are also featured to fulfill the yearn for a bit of sportsmanship. Enjoy a selection of cocktails and snacks from the bar to music playlists or from a live jam session.
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 23:00
Location: Jalan Raya Candidasa, East Bali
Nightlife image

Culture and history info

History Most sources say a fishing village was founded on the site by the 12th century and before the modern name of Candi Dasa was adopted it was known as both Teluk Kehen ("Bay of Fire")and Cilidasa.
There is a temple near the lagoon, with a statue of the fertility goddess Hariti surrounded by a group of children, and cilidasa translates from Balinese as "ten children", so many Balinese who want to have children go on pilgrimage to this place.
The modern name is thought to be a corruption of this older name. The town began to catch on as a tourist destination in the 1970s, since there is good snorkelling and diving in the area and the town provides easy access to other destinations in eastern Bali.

Tenganan Bali Aga village
Many houses in this village will open their doors for tourists to buy these traditional pieces of cloth along with an array of other handicrafts they can throw together.
In addition to their weaving prowess, the villagers are also skilled in a range of other arts and crafts such as intricately painted duck and chicken eggs, palm leaf carving and wood carving. Keen villagers will often offer to demonstrate their skills to you with the hope that you might purchase one of their artworks.
The village is laid out in a long rectangular shape with pavilions serving official village purposes in the centre and houses around the edge. Some of the houses are built from older materials such as mud and stone and some seemingly older structures are made only from wood.
In the centre of the village is a large wooden structure used by the men of the village to make decisions about important community issues — much in the same vein as a traditional Balinese banjar.
The villagers' belief system revolves around ancient animist traditions such as the worshipping of ancestors and the sacrificing of animals. In addition to this, theoretically members of the village can't marry outside of the village and as such, Tenganan is somewhat of a closed community, though on our visit, our guide, while from Tenganan, confessed to living in Sanur. Neverthless the considerable isolation here has helped the village to develop its own culture and even its own Balinese dialect.

Snorkelling at Candi Dasa
Renting a boat for two hours including snorkelling gear for two people should cost no more than 200,000 to 250,000 rupiah, or less than this if you're a shrewd negotiator.
The main spots are near the oil terminal towards Padang Bai and near the three small islands that can be seen off the coast of Candi Dasa where living coral still exists.
We did a snorkelling trip out to the islands straight offshore and while we saw plenty of fish, the coral had taken quite a beating and an hour was sufficient for where we stopped. Our boatman advised that there is a second spot on the far (more exposed) side of the islands that is better, but the waters were too rough that day for comfortable snorkelling on the exposed side of the islands.Culture and history image
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